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We remove
the panels

We collect WEEE panels across Europe after legal advice and technical inspection


We transport your panels

We transport your panels in compliance with European waste regulations according to EU Regulation 1013


We process your panels

We carry out the WEEE processing of your panels in compliance with European waste regulations


We send you the processing documentation

We send you the processing documentation and a copy of the transport documents

Who we are

We operate throughout Europe

Envitech operates on the European territory and is aimed at stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, such as producers, installers, maintenance technicians and EPC.

Panels removed


Recovery of raw materials from processed panels

We remove the panels from your photovoltaic park

Advice and Inspection

Advice and Inspection

We collect panels after legal advice and technical inspection

We recover up to 100% of the materials

We recover up to 100% of the materials

We process your panels by recovering up to 100% of the raw materials in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 49/2014 and the GSE requirements

WEEE Documentation

WEEE Documentation

We send you all the documentation that allows you to trace the entire processing chain

Envitech carries out the processing and recovery of raw materials that enable us to avoid disposing of anything in landfill. Now materials, such as aluminium, silicon, glass and plastic have become a resource and no longer waste. With the circularity of these products, the environment is better protected and photovoltaics can finally be defined as an eco-sustainable technology.

Certification of environmentally sustainable processing

The processing documentation that traces all the phases is very important


trust those who promise processing at off-market prices.


trust Envitech to certify every step of the way, from transportation to recovery.



It is important to engage with competent companies that fully comply with the regulations by managing waste in plants that can recover the raw materials of the panels provided. 

WEEE processing that does not guarantee the traceability of the raw materials resulting from the processing do not follow the standards issued by the European Community.

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